Kirloskar Silent Gensets

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Diesel Generator | Silentgensets

Why Our Generators?

"SILENT GENSETS� is a brand has become a symbol of reliability and stability in the Gensets or Diesel Generator and Manufacturer industry. Providing & servicing the world with best quality products.

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Silent Diesel Generator | Silentgensets

Why Our Generators?

  • Fuel - Less Consumption
  • Prompt delivery
  • Cheap - Low In Price
  • Perfectly Silent Mode Performance
  • Long lasting Working
  • Cost Efficient
  • Eco friendly - Noise Freely


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Kirloskar Generator | Silentgensets

Why Our Silent Generators?

  • JMV-092 CU-10 X 02
  • JMV-093 CU
  • Short Circuit Testing Transformers :�Upto 100 kA for 1 second.
  • Cast Resin Transformers :�Upto 10000 kVA, 33 kV class
  • Earthing Transformers :�For system upto 33 kV class


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Silent Generator | Silentgensets

Why Our Generators?

We have authorized dealership of numbers of Silent Genrator or Diesel Gensets that is well designed and is known for its performance and cost effective.These are widely used in domestic,industrial,marine like construction and agriculture.

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